Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow

The garden project started a few months ago.  We had a warm snap in March so everyone was outside cleaning up their yards.

(Above)  This is the side of my house.  I should have taken a photo of it before I pulled out all the weeds and the crazy, over-grown strawberry patch.  Oh well.  You'll have to take my word for it.  It was wild kingdom over there.   I bought myself a tiller and I tilled it up goooood.  Then I marked off the area for my garden.

I had to be realistic when planning my garden.  I could have put more than one frame in, but really, I'm not going to go out and tend more than one frame.  I'm just not that into it.  So I set up my frame and put down the weed cloth.

Then I lined the area with bricks and filled it in with lovely white stones.  It took four big sacks of soil to fill the raised garden bed.  There are only two in it in the pick.  (Just a little FYI for anyone doing a raised garden bed. )

Then I put down some grass seed and I watered, and watered, and watered.

Fast forward to June.

It's not too bad, eh?  The grass came in pretty well.  I put a little heather bush in off to the side.  And (below) you can see the harvest coming in.

There's some lettuce, basil, a tomato plant, cilantro, and rosemary.  Can't wait to make a salad!!!


musing manatee said...

Lookin' good!

I need someone like you to rein it in for me when I start a new project.

Julie_c said...

Thanks Shirl -

I think it can be really easy to go overboard, but I've been through enough seasons to know that my interest fades. I might be super into gardening in April and by July I can't be bothered to harvest string beans. So I try to keep that in mind. Simplicity!

Angela said...

Love your garden! Plus you have a harvest. You were smart to start in March.