Monday, June 18, 2012

Our New Tree

It's the last week of school, and as I find my alone-time decreasing, my work load has increased substantially in the last week.  Therefore, less blogging.  Sorry.

But I did want to take a moment to introduce our new tree.  Tree, meet the blog readers. Blog readers, tree.

This is a London Plane.  We are SO EXCITED to have it! 

It was sad not having a tree in our front yard.  We missed out Maple tree.  But, really, it was probably too big to have in the front yard anyway.  And it was on the side of the yard where the wire connected.  (That wasn't our doing - it was there when we moved in.)

So our lovely London Plane is on the other side of the yard, which means it's smack in the middle of the frisbee field of play.  On any given evening, you can see Magoo and Mike tossing the disc around with me on the porch chanting, "Please don't hit my tree.  Please don't hit my tree."

I'm watering it twice a day (along with the new batch of grass seed in the back yard) and hoping for the best!

In other news:
It's the last week of school in these parts!  Wishing everyone a happy summer!

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Angela said...

Oh my what are you working on lately? I find my work load increases substantially around May/June just from school stuff-we won't go into the other things.
Lovely tree. Hi LP! Trees are good.