Monday, June 4, 2012


I wasn't going to do Pinterest.  I'm not in love with all the likes, tweets, and whatevers that are happening all the time now.

I joined Facebook for professional reasons, mostly.  Sure, it nice to see what Joe Sixpack from high school is up to and maybe see a pic of my cousin's new baby.  But really it's work for me to think of things to post there.

I try to be a good Facebooker and comment on people's posts and "like" them, then I leave info on my books or school visits or whatnot.

So when Pinterest came along, first I said "Wha?" and then I said "Nah."

But I was at a professional networking luncheon this weekend and the talk turned to how to use social media to market one's book.

I know all about this for YA books.  Teens will follow the posts and tweets of their favorite authors.  But not my audience.  My audience has just learned how to spell their names.

But the wise and more experienced authors pointed out that a lot of Moms and teachers are on Pinterest.  And, as we all know, Moms and teachers buy picture books.

So last night I joined Pinterest.  (Thanks, Angela, for the invite.)

I feel I have a lot to figure out.  Maybe I'll devote 30 minutes a day to it - pinning and repinning.

For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, let me put it to you this way.  When I was younger, I used to keep notebooks.  If I saw a magazine photo that inspired me, I'd clip it and put it in my notebook.  If I saw a recipe I wanted to try, I would clip it and put it in my notebook.  Pinterest is the EXACT SAME THING, only it's on the internet and anyone can see your notebook pages.  And if they like them, they can repin your recipes, photographs, art, to their pages.

It's basically a good place to share ideas and inspiration.

Anyway, I'm there now.  My username is JCPhillipps, if you want to follow me.

Happy Monday!

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Angela said...

All hail Pinterest. It is a time vortex, so you are smart to limit that time. I connected my Pinterest account to my effbook account. That way your pins can be seen there.