Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Art Class

I scored a cool gig a couple weeks ago.  The West Hartford Art League was teaching a morning summer camp and their scheduled teacher couldn't make it.  A friend of mine teaches over there and she gave me the heads up!

So, for three weeks, from 9am - 10:15, I will be teaching 4 -5 yr-olds art.  Fun!

Considering the minimal time I had to plan 15 projects, shop for supplies, and make samples, you can imagine I've been in a perpetual state of hustle.  It's not easy planning projects for young artists that have to be completed in an hour and have to be on theme and have to seem like a professional artist taught them.  Not an easy task - but I think I have some fun things planned.

Above - Block printing.  I plan to have the kiddos make one of their own stamps from foam shapes but I wanted to have some animals ready because that week's theme is animals.

Below - Watercolor Guinea Fowl based on a painting by Edward Saidi Tingatinga.

And a wax resist rock spider.

I'll take more pics of the little ones in action and show how they do with the projects.  It will be an interest first few classes, I'm sure.  Then I should get a good handle on how to teach them and what they can handle.

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