Saturday, June 23, 2012

WATER: The Fun and The Fury

Yesterday started off well enough.  It was day three of the heat wave, but somehow it didn't feel as oppressive as earlier in the week.   Our good friends N and A were in town from Baltimore, so we whipped the slip-n-slide out and had a slippery good time.

Curly and Mo joined us, as did our 14-yr-old neighbor Big J.  Everyone was getting along swimmingly and I even took in a few slides myself.

 Then, around 4pm, things changed.  

We knew storms were coming, but OH MAN, it was a gullywhumper!

See that telephone pole?  That stands between the sidewalk and the street.  And see that UPS truck?  The water is up to it's headlights. 

We took some water in the basement too.  It was seeping in the basement windows at first, so I was able to get a lot of things off the floor.  Then the water from the street was so severe that it backwashed into the house and the sump pump couldn't keep up with it. 

I was downstairs with my bilge pump, filling buckets and dumping them out front.  Big J came over to help, as did his mother and another neighbor.  (I took flowers over this afternoon to say THANKS.)

I think we did a pretty good job of keeping it under control.  Only a portion of the basement flooded and after a light clean-up and some bleach, it's looking good.

And I still managed to make my boy a pizza!  Boo-ya!

Everything is calm again today.  The ground was thirsty, so it sucked most of the water right up.   Most of my new grass looks OK, but I think it would be wise to reseed some areas.  And, yes, branches from teh mighty oak are littered throughout the backyard. 

It was a doosey of a storm, for sure.  But today the sun is shining.

I hope it is shining on you as well.


musing manatee said...

Wow. That's crazy. Glad everything is under control. You have certainly lived and learned when it comes to water in your basement!

Julie_c said...

Ain't that the unfortunate truth!