Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art Class: African Zomo Masks

It's week 2 of art class and the theme for my unit is ANIMALS.  But the theme for the movement class that is joined to my class is AFRICA.  So I tried blending the two today by making African styles rabbit masks based on the character Zomo the Trickster

This was not an easy project (African patterns, symmetry, tempera paint, yarn) and I certainly hadn't intended on leading with it.  But Suzanne, the teacher of the other unit, was doing Zomo yesterday, so what the heck?!

And you know what?  They rocked it!  Look at all those great masks.

One little girl didn't want to be in the picture.  I don't know if she was shy or didn't feel good about her mask.  (Below)  I pulled her aside to let her know that I thought she had done a wonderful job.  And I wasn't lying.  Take a look.

This mask is COOL!  She incorporated a lot of the patterns that I had showed them: triangles, spirals and dots.  And there's so much control in the spirals.  A lot of 5 yr old kids would have made a mud puddle out of those colors.  So has bold contrast and clear lines.  I LOVE IT!

 Today ... watercolors.

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G.S. said...

Outstanding job on the Zomo masks, kids! You are very talented!