Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art Class: Crocs, Lions, and Crows

 It's the third and final week of art class and it's a lively group.  The kiddos helped decorate my apron on the first day.


The theme this week is Fairytales/Folktales.  But I'm also using Fables.  Fables totally works!  On Monday, we made "mosaic" crocodiles based on the fable The Crocodile and the Wallpaper.  It's about a crocodile who prefers the orderly flowers on his wallpaper to the wild ones in nature.

On Tuesday, we read The Lion and the Mouse.  I had originally planned on doing a wax resist project, but the kids did such lovely watercolor birds last week that I wanted to add another full watercolor project.

(Above) The mouse got a little lost on the blue lion - but I just love that cuddly face.
(Below) Some other wonderful examples.  I am always so tickled at how one lesson can yield such individual results.

Today I read the story of The Crow and the Pitcher.  You know I love crows.  I HAD to do a crow project.  Originally, I was going to have the children paint the paper to make feathers (mixes of black, purple and blue) but I thought that might be one step too many.

So they focused on cutting out the crow shape and the feathers.  (I pre-painted the watercolor paper.)


Check out the crow with eight feet.  Holy Crow!

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