Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art Class: Prints

Week 2 is over.  Bye-bye Africa!  Well, my theme was really animals, but the movement class was Africa - so I really tried to do a lot of African Animal projects.  (For the most part.)

I love printing.  (Above.)  I think kids can make some really cool art this way.  It's colorful.  It's bold.  And it's fun.  So one day we did insect prints.  (Below)  Here's Magoo pulling one of his prints off his foam design.

When I did this project with the boys at home, I used foam from the bottom of meat containers.  And really, if you can get in the habit of cleaning the containers and cutting out the bases, that stuff works great.  But I'm thrilled that I can buy bigger sheets at the art store.  Then we used little wooden scratchers for the lines and I had the kids press the lips of thin markers into the foam to make the circles.

On Friday, we continued with printing but it was more like block printing on fabric.  I really wanted to do something with fabric, because when I think of African art, textiles always comes to mind.  But we just didn't have the time (or probably the skill level) for batiking.

I had originally planned for the kids to be able to make their own block print "stampers" but after working with 4 & 5 yr-olds for a few days, I decided that might be too much for them.  So I made all the blocks myself and added a few small ones so they could get jiggy with it.

Not too many kids did.  But this girl ROCKED IT!  She really embraced this project and did a slow, careful, beautiful job.

Good-bye Week #2 Kiddos!  You were a gregarious group.  Now I will mentally prepare for Week #3 kids.  :)

Sidenote:  It's interesting to me to note the change in Magoo's helping attitude over the course of the two weeks.  At first the class was a lot more work than he anticipated and he was very upset after day 1 that he would "spend his summer this way."  I told him that he had to be there, but he didn't have to be my helper.  But he was getting paid to help me, so the money thing won over.

Then, once he was used to the kids, their energy, and the routine of a day, he settled into just fine.  Yesterday he was so darn helpful I gave him a bonus dollar.  He's still a 9 1/2 yr old boy, so there are moments when I have to remind him that he's supposed to be helping me and setting a good example, but those are rare.  He's really risen to the task and I'm very proud of him.

In other news:  Looks like it's going to get pretty hot around here again.  I think there will be a great amount of afternoon time spent at the pool.  Hope you're all keeping cool wherever you are!

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