Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Class: Final Lessons

Today was the last day of my three week art camp at the West Hartford Art League.  So.  Much.  Fun.
In week 1, I did sumi-e bamboo with the kids.  Some did alright, but most of them had a hard time.  A lot of the problems stemmed from the paper we used.  I had used rice paper (a traditional paper for sumi-e) but it requires someone who's good with moisture control in their brush. 

Live and learn.

This time I switched to standard card stock and there was much less bleeding.

Like the last time, though, I started by teaching simple brush strokes.  I wanted them to get used to holding the brush a certain way, to moving it across the paper a certain way.  And I think these kids knocked the cat paintings out of the park.  I mean, really.  Aren't these fantastic!

Then, today, we did paper puppets.

This was a complicated project because the kids had to draw, paint, and cut.  Then I connected the puppet arms and sticks (which was a lot of work for me.  Note for next time.)  The only thing tricky here was size.  The kids tend to work small and there were some TINY puppet arms.  Otherwise, they did another fabulous job!

I had a really great time with all the kiddos and I was so impressed by the fabulous art skills that 4 and 5 yr olds have.  Now that Magoo is 9 1/2, I'd forgotten what little ones could do.  Turns out - quite a lot!

Thanks to everyone over at the West Hartford Art League for giving me a chance to teach.  It was really nice to have a group of students again.  And thanks to Magoo, Alex, and Alissa for helping out.

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