Monday, July 9, 2012

Carnival Party

As some of you may know, Magoo's birthday is right around Christmas time, which isn't the best time to have a kids' birthday party.  So we always do that in the summer, to celebrate his half-birthday.

Now that he's 9 1/2, it occurred to me that he might not want a big party anymore.  It seems to me that I hear of other kids around this age who are starting to feel that big parties are, well, for little kids.  But no, Magoo brought it up one day in June.  "I think I want a carnival party this year."

Oh.  Okay.  I guess we're still into parties.

I can't say I blame him.  I still throw myself a birthday party every year.  I love cake.  I love friends.  I love gifts.  Party on.

(Above)  Here's a view of the backyard pre-party.  I bought some banners at iParty which added a lot of color.  I made a Penny Pitch game and a limbo game.  I bought the Plinko game from Oriental Trading Company (big hit.)  And we had the pop-up baseball pitching game.  There's also a bean bag toss and the Angry Birds catapult.  They're just not in the shot.

I, wisely, hired the 14-yr-old neighbor to help out with passing out tickets and wrangling the boys.  (They won tickets at each game.)  That freed me up to take pictures and actually sit down and chat with the other adults.

Here's Magoo and his crew.

Magoo requested his traditional honey cake - but we jazzed it up with curly-Q candles.

Then, after cake and ice cream, the boys took their tickets over to the prize wagon and filled their goody bags with their winnings.

When the presents were opened, the guests had left, and the day was over, I asked Magoo what his favorite part of the party was.

Was it the games I worked on for weeks?
The cake I made from scratch at 6:30 am?

Nope.  It was the water gun fight that happened after the prizes.

Happy Half Birthday, Magoo!


musing manatee said...

Wow. Looks like it was awesome! Of course, it was the water fight :-) He is a water kid like Teo ;-)

Susan Gurry said...

I have two daughters with winter birthdays...(Dec. and Jan.)...but when they were young, we had an indoor carnival party for one...(I don't remember which one! Isn't that awful?) We had cotton candy, bean bag toss, games, and this was, of course, way before Angry Birds was invented! The kids loved it. And I almost ALWAYS had a teenage kid hired to be the party-helper....that's an essential ingredient....