Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild Sunflower

This summer I have a lovely little surprise in my garden, a wild sunflower.

At first I thought it was a weed and I was going to yank it.  (And by going to I mean eventually and by eventually I mean any time within the next year.)  But one day I was looking at it and it seemed to have the makings of a bud at the top.  So I figured I'd wait it out.  It's not like it's the only weed I have in any of my gardens.  (I'm actually not a very good gardener at all.)

But then, poof, it was a sunflower. 

Thanks, rodent who pooped a sunflower seed in my back garden!


musing manatee said...


Angela said...

I absolutely love sunflowers-it's even better when they volunteer. Maybe that unicorn pooped the sunflower seed.