Monday, August 20, 2012

Green River

Behind a corn field in Great Barrington, MA, there is a lovely little swimming hole that we visit occasionally with our friends.  It's usually a chilly swim, but the water is so clear.  This time there was a small raft made out of two by four's that the boys had a grand ol' time on.

 Magoo was the only one who went in often.  He's a water boy through and through, so he served as the ferryman, taking the other boys back and forth from rock to land.  At one point a bright white caterpillar got on the raft.  Magoo was in the middle of the river (which is very calm at this point, FYI, with only the slightest current) and the other boys were telling him it was poison.  At first Magoo tried to splash the bugger off the raft.  When that didn't work, he panicked and abandoned ship.  The problem was, Curly and Mo were then stranded on a far rock and neither one of them wanted to swim back to shore.

We assured the boys that the caterpillar may be poison, therefore they shouldn't eat it.  But it was unlikely to be an aggressive poisonous attack caterpillar, so it was OK to go get the raft.  Ferryman Magoo was back on the job.

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