Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cabin

During our Michigan adventure, we stopped at our family's cabin in Thompsonville, MI. (Near Crystal Mountain if you're familiar with the area.)  I love the cabin.  My grandparents built it on land that my great-grandparents bought and I've been going up there my whole life.  Except for about a 15 year break in my 20's and early 30's.  You see, it's not super close to where the rest of my family is so when I moved to New England and I'd return to Ohio to visit my family, it's not like I could just bop up to the cabin.  But now that Magoo is around, it's something I want to share with him, so we try to get over there every couple of years.

I used to sleep up in the loft.  Now, since I'm an adult and the ceilings are low up there, I get to sleep downstairs in the normal sized bedrooms.  But Magoo can camp up there now, and when I was putting his stuff away I noticed one of my old paintings (from the teenage years) on the shelf.

There's LOTS'O'FUN stuff to do up at the cabin.  One day we went canoeing/kayaking.  (The men took the kayak, my step-mother and I took the canoe.)  Man, is it nerve wracking taking photos with your digital camera in a canoe!  I bought a nice water tight camera case just in case I went in the drink.  And you know what?  I totally did.  (This was because there are tubers and canoers on the same river.  This should not be.  Tubers want to linger and float and be right in the middle and go slow.  People in canoes and kayaks are padeling and moving much quicker.  When we share a river,  it forces us to navigate far more than we should have to.  Don't get my step-mother started on it!)

But all was well.  My camera was packed away and the water was pleasant.  And it's not really a good canoe trip if I don't fall off the boat anyway.

Remember how I mentioned Crystal Mountain?  Back in my day, you skied there.  There was a building for rentals, a clubhouse for chillaxin', and lifts.  That's pretty much it. 

Now it's a huge resort!  There's a golf course, there's a pool, there's a million little cabins, and there's the Crystal Coaster...

... which is SOOOO MUCH FUUUN!  And there's a rock climbing wall.

What?  You can't see me in the first shot?  Well, that's because I'm all the way at the top, baby!

We also hit the beach, walked around Frankfort, played mini golf, watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (which was good) and went to Gwen Frostics (which I mentioned in my last post.)  All in two days!!!  Good times.

Here's a final shot from the deck.

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Angela said...

What a cool cabin, painting and visit! Girl you are rockin' that helmet!