Sunday, August 26, 2012

Zombie Week. 23 Zombie Pile-Up

23 Zombie Pile-Up      2012    j. c. phillipps

The theme for Open Studio Weekend this year is "23."  In order to participate in the group show, the artists have to so something with that theme in their art.  (Just the group piece, not the whole collection.)  I had a nice tall frame just sitting in the basement and I thought I could do a zombie pile-up.

I started the piece as a collage and the zombies were just regular folk.  But after I got 6 zombies into it, I realized that the collage looked kinda busy.  Also, as I was getting ideas for zombies, I thought zombie Elvis would be fun.  Then I thought, Hey, what if they were all famous zombies?  That's WAY MORE FUN!

So I scrapped the collage zombies and started making a list.  My goal was to choose iconic figures that people would recognize.  There are actors, fictional characters, musicians, artists, and writers.  Oh, and two animals.  They kinda go with their person and serve as an extra means of identification but they still count as zombies.

I could tell you who they are, but where's the fun in that?!  Hey, let's have a contest.  Whoever gets the most zombies correct gets a prize.  (Since this is off the cuff I don't know what the prize is just yet.  Maybe some cards or a print or a zombie magnet,  I'll discuss with the winner.)  You can enter your guesses in the comments section, or, if you want to keep your guesses secret, send an email directly to me at

And because the image above is a little smaller,  I'll break them into groups for you.

Here's group one.  Ten zombies.  Can you name any?

Group two.  Six zombies.  Who do you know?

Group three.  Seven zombies in this group.  I think the least recognizable zombie is in this group and if you get it I'll be so impressed I'll burst!  (Here's a clue: he's in a popular TV show that is currently on the air.  By which I mean, it's not running right now, in August, but it's not a cancelled show.  Also, the zombie of which I speak is the actor, not the character.  And I guess I should say this, if you recognize a zombie fictional character as the actor, I'll still give you credit.  For example, let's say I did a Zombie Jack Sheppard from LOST and you said Matthew Fox, I'd give you credit.  FYI, there are not LOST zombies.  Okay, enough rambling.)

Name those zombies!

Last day of the contest will be Thursday, Aug 30th.  So I'll announce the winner on Friday.

(Heather can't play because we've discussed the zombies.  Sorry.)

Good luck.  Have fun!  And I'll feature more zombie art this week.  The week of the zombie!!!


Simone Rendon said...

First of, nice work, Julie!
Okay: guy with hammer t-shirt, John Henry; Eloise?; Pee Wee Hermann; Wink (of course!); Jackie O.; Elvis; Shakespeare; John Travolta (of Saturday Night Fever); Michael Phelps; Vincent van Gogh; Robin Hood; Goldilocks; Mr. Shuester of Glee (even though, I don't think he sports a goatee on the show); Harry Potter with red hair; Ginny of HP; Cedric Diggory of HP

Julie_c said...

Nice guesses Simone. Thanks for playing! Results on Friday.

josh pincus is crying said...

very cool illustration!

Ana M.F. said...

This is so cool!
I love the zombie rat :D
I see Ziggy Stardust, Marilyn Monroe and Frida Kahlo there too.
The guy with the alien shirt is Mulder from X-Files?

Ana M.F. said...

I see Edgar Allan Poe too :P

Julie_c said...

Ooooo. I'm seeing some good guesses!