Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zombie Week: Zombie Ballet Rehearsal on Stage

Zombie Ballet Rehearsal on Stage   2012  j.c. phillipps

This zombie creation is based on one of Degas's paintings, Ballet Rehearsal on Stage.  There are actually five or six ballerinas in that one, but I'm trying to keep things simple.  And funny.  There's something about a one-legged zombie trying to dance on stage that really amuses me.

I've had a few email guesses for the Zombie Contest.  Some correct guesses and some a little off the mark (although most of those I can see where there were coming from.)  Keep the guesses coming.  I'll announce the winner of a yet-to-be-determined winner's-choice award on Friday!

For those of you with kiddos in out school district, maybe I'll see you at Whiting Lane this afternoon.  First day of school tomorrow.  (I might have to do a dual first day/zombie post.)

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