Thursday, September 6, 2012

Abstract Workshop: Cadenza

Candeza          2012           j. c. phillipps

Now that Magoo is back in school I have half my head focused on writing project and the other half focused on art for the Open Studio Weekend in Hartford in November. 

So, more paintings.  More collage.  And I really needed to get back to more abstracts.  Once I lost practice an came back, they really started to fall apart.  I had to earn my abstract mojo back and it took a few tries to get there.

This is Cadenza.  And I like it.

Do you know what's harder than painting an abstract?  Naming an abstract.  It probably is because I have no plan whatsoever when I start.  I have no theme, I'm not going for any kind of representation.  I'm purely responding to my own aesthetic tastes.  And to name something means, I dunno, it is something.  Otherwise you get Abstract #3 as a title and I just hate that.

So I try to find a name that suits it and one that I can remember.  That's it.  That's my whole criteria.

When I see this piece, I think about music.  So I started googling music terms.  When I came to cadenza, I liked the sound of it.  Also, it starts with a "c" and there are all kinds of "c"s in that painting.  And a cadenza can be improvised - which this was.  So good enough.  Cadenza it is!

Now when music people see it at the show they can interpret all kinds of musical meaning in it and ask me about it and I'll say, "Yes, that was exactly what I was going for."  ;)

 Ssssh.  Don't tell.

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