Sunday, October 14, 2012

Harry Potter Costume Contest

Saturday afternoon, the boys were over.  Curly wanted to go to a Harry Potter costume contest at Barnes & Noble that evening, but the boys hadn't gotten this year's costumes together yet so they weren't planning on going.  I was talking to Heather about it and she commented on how Magoo's phoenix costume would fit the theme.  I thought, "Yeah it would."  So we dug the costume out of the closet, Curly and Moe put together costumes from years past and viola - Harry Potter costumes!

It wasn't just a costume contest, though.  It was also a "scavenger hunt."  (But not really, truly a scavenger hunt - more like an assortment of activities.) Magoo was partnered with a lovely young teenager (who I'll call Alice) who had read the whole Harry Potter series eight times.  So when the time came to answer Harry Potter trivia questions - she was a ringer. 

The kids also had to unscramble Potter words, name correct flavors of jellybeans, and find the headmasters of the four Hogwarts houses hidden in the store.

At the end of it all, Mo won second prize: Dumbledore's wand!

And first prize for best costume went to Magoo the Phoenix!  He won a Nook! 

Magoo is one proud pup.  On the drive home he clutched that Nook to his chest like it was a baby and he keeps saying, "I can't believe I won that Nook!"

This morning we registered it, got a Nook holder, and bought Magoo's first eBook, A Tale Dark and Grimm.

Congratulations Magoo!

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