Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ninjas Everywhere

Ninjas Everywhere            2012            j. c. phillipps

Last week all the artists who are participating in Open Studio Hartford were invited in to see their spaces.  I'm in the same area as I was last year (tucked back in the 3rd floor hallway) but this year I get both sides of the wall.  So people will walk through a little Julie Gallery so-to-speak.

This is awesome for two reasons:
1. It's weird to cram people looking at my wall and then people looking at another artist's wall all in the same 2 feet of hall.  Too crowded.

2. More space!

But more space means more space to fill.  So I decided to add another collage to the mix and I thought I would bring back some ninjas.

I don't want to go CRAZY BUSY with the space I have.  Like this:

No offense to this kid's art (Google image) but this much wall activity is overwhelming for the art buyer at this kind of gig.  They are seeing WALLS of different art - so one of my goals is to make my space calm and easy on the eye.
I think I have enough stuff, but there's always a little piece of me that wants to whip out a koi painting or something.  We'll see.
So right now, my immediate goals are:  mat prints, wire framed artwork, make signs, put unframed artwork in plastic, price everything, inventory.
That should keep me busy, yes?

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