Sunday, October 7, 2012

Open Studio Hartford 2012: Cyber Tour

Hi all!  Open Studio Hartford is only a month away, so I thought I give you a little cyber tour.  (A.K.A. a sneak peak for locals who might stop by and check out the event.)

I've been do a lot of abstracts this year.  I've really enjoyed the practice and I've had some great positive feedback.  Here are a few pieces that will be on the wall:

Unraveled (in Blue)       2012           j.c.phillipps
Cityscape with Clouds               2012                 j.c.phillipps
Cadenza              2012              j.c.phillipps

What's that you say?  You don't like abstracts.  Worry not!  I have some representational watercolors in the collection as well:

The Village of Oia     2012     j.c.phillipps
White-Naped Crane       2012    j.c.phillipps

The theme for the group show in the gallery is "23" this year, so my entry is called 23 Zombie Pile-Up.  But I didn't feel I could make just one zombie painting.  What if the people want more?
Can't disappoint the people!  So I did a small series of "Zombies in Art."  Here's a taste:

Mona Zombie      2012        j.c.phillipps
And I always like to have some fun, bright collages for the youngest art collectors:

Book Monkeys        2012        j.c.phillipps
Juggle           2012            j.c.phillipps
Alley Cats             2012             j.c.phillipps
As always, I'll have some more affordable items like prints, notecards, t-shirts and copies of the two WINK books.

If you're in the Hartford are on Nov 10 & 11th, stop on by.

I'll be on the THIRD FLOOR!

555 Asylum Rd
Hartford, CT

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Angela said...

Love the peek at your collection.
Thanks for the tour!