Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rose's Berry Farm: A 4-Year Tradition

 This is our fourth year of going to Rose's Berry Farm and picking pumpkins with the Brudz family and BOY did we pick a beautiful day for it.  Just gorgeous.  (It looks like Magoo and I are sad about it, but, really, we're just mad about all the chores we have to do around the farm. ;)

Magoo's getting pretty big now - he can pick his own jumbo pumpkin out and carry it himself. 

 The nice thing about Rose's is that it's not just about picking pumpkins, though.  The boys can all run around in the corn maze ...

 ... and rise the see-saw, and pull each other in wagons....

... and punch inflatable black cats.

They also have warm apple fritters, but Magoo can't have those so I made him pumpkin-carob chip muffins.  Mmmmmm, muffins.

Here's an example of the colors.  It was mid-sixties, slight breeze, reds and yellows popping!  A perfect autumn day.

Hope the colors are popping wherever you are!

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