Friday, October 5, 2012

The Village of Oia

It's hard for me to believe that Open Studio Weekend is only about a month away.  (Geez - I guess I'd better make some postcards!)  But it is, so when I haven't been writing, I've been painting.

This watercolor is from an image I've had for yeeeeeeears.  I loved the almost abstract nature of the shapes.  Crisp shadows.  Angles galore.  And just a few pops of color here and there.

One of my challenges was to control the textures.  Painting texture can be kinda fun, so it's easy to go overboard.  But if I worked on a wall and it was drawing my focus too much, then I knew I needed to tone it down.  Also, I didn't want it to be too crazy, so I had to find areas to group together.  Like, this area will be pure white - no paint.  This area will all have warm grey tones.  This area will have a wash of cooler Payne's Grey to unify it.  That sort of thing.

It took awhile to paint, because it's really like a little puzzle - painting one piece at a time.  But I'm pleased.

And Java likes it too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Open Studio Weekend
Nov. 10 & 11th
555 Asylum Ave
Hartford, CT

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