Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting for SANDY

Perhaps you know that I live in Connecticut and perhaps you've heard of a little storm called SANDY that is winding its way up around these parts.

It is nearly noon on Monday and so far things are OK.  The wind isn't crazy yet.  There's been some sprinkles, but no hard rain.  No schools.  No public transportation.  The highways close down at 1:00. We're all basically just settling down and preparing for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

It could be bad.  Winds and tides could screw up all kinds of power stations.  For days.  Or weeks.

Or we could get off easy because we are not in SANDY's direct path.

Time will tell.

But until then we are really enjoying the electricity in the house right now.  I mean, it's a Wii, TV, computer, heat, microwave party up in here!

So knock on wood for us that things blow over with little damage and that the kiddos get a good Halloween this year.

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