Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baking Bread and Falling Snow

We're having a bit of a snow storm* here today.   It's early, of course.  There usually isn't snow until Thanksgiving.  Except last year at Halloween.  If it happens again next year, I think we know there's a shift in the weather patterns.

And even though I knew this was coming, it caught me a little off guard because I thought it wouldn't snow until late afternoon.

That's why Magoo went to school in a hoodie and vans.

I lugged his winter coat and boots over to the school for pick-up so the poor monkey wouldn't freeze his tail off during the walk from the school to the car.  And good thing I did, because boys in the first snow of the season... come on.  You know they HAVE to run around in that.

Tomorrow is Magoo's presentation for International Day and Breakfast at his school.  He'll be doing a presentation on Ireland.  All the kids in his class have their own country.  Then the kids and parents will retire to the cafeteria for a sampling of tradition foods.  Thus, Irish Soda Bread.  Actually, it's called Spotted Dog because there are raisins in it.

I made two loaves of that and then one loaf of Magoo-friendly bread.

So it's pretty outside and smells wonderful inside and this is where I plan on staying for the rest of the day.

* We're only supposed to get a few inches.  Nothing to get worked up about.

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