Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Happenings

It's been a BIG weekend.  Lots of holiday stuff going on.  I'm going to give you the highlights and some of my better visuals.

Thanksgiving is a big pie holiday at my in-laws.  And OH how I love pie.  But my husband and son do not love pie (crazies) so I made them a honey cake.  To be festive, Magoo located a dark chocolate turkey at Whole Foods, so we popped that gobbler on top.  Ah, cake toppers, what would we do without you?

Thanksgiving is also the BIG family holiday on my in-law's side.  The majority of the family gathers: grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, a whole bunch 'o folk.  And some day I would love to attempt to get a huge group photo, but until then, I am certainly thankful that the kids gather for three minutes every year so that I can snap one of these.

And, of course, there's the trampoline.

It was so great to get to see everyone and catch up and see how the kids have grown.  Lovely B ended the evening with a beautiful violin concert.

The next day we were back home and welcomed our good old buddies (formerly from down the street) the Metcalfes.

You know how when you have a baby, how it's super important for your sanity to have another adult with a baby to talk to.  Well, that was Sara.  Her eldest, N, is 5 months older than Magoo, so it worked out great.  They moved away about 3 years ago, (sigh) but since they have family in West Hartford, they come up for holidays.  (Yea!)

Magoo and N had a great time reconnecting, and they even did a little concert for us.  (N is a singer.)   

(It was a very musical weekend.)

Then, because we like to whip that tree up ASAP, on Saturday morning with dug out all the ornaments and got decorating.

The breakdown of the ornaments goes: 40% from my childhood, 40% handmade by Magoo and myself, 20% store bought or gifted.  And it's so nice to go through them one by one because when I make ornaments, I make them topical.  There's a little Magoo baby ornament.  There's one I made of our old cat Dizzy.  There's karate Magoo with his yellow belt and a Thomas train from when he loved those.  Oldly enough, I don't have a ninja.  And maybe I'll make a Monkey Ono ornament.  But I think I NEED to make a Java ornament - poor Java get's no love.  And since Magoo is a swimmer now, I definitely need some kind of little dude in a Speedo.  :)

But since Magoo made a little clarinet ornament - I suppose we're good this year.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

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Angela said...

What an awesome weekend! We whip up that tree super fast too. I leave up until Epiphany-stretching out as long as I can. Oh I like the sound of Magoo's clarinet ornament!