Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Illustration Friday: Whiskers

After the art show I needed to take a little break from Illustration Friday.  But I'm back, baby!

Actually, I booked an art show in August which means I need to have 15-20 pieces framed to show.  You may think, "Julie you have plenty of time!"  But if I get busy with picture books and Spring school visits and Monkey Ono marketing, I'll have little time for art, and deadlines always come up fast.  So I'm jumping in.

The topic this week is WHISKERS.

Java                  2012                  j.c.phillipps
Usually when I find out what the topic is, I try to think about what the common image will be.  Like, if the topic was reflection, there might be a lot of mirrors.  Then I try to brainstorm three or four ideas beyond that.  Well, when you hear whiskers you go to cat, right?  I do.  But I love cats.  I've always owned cats.  And, maybe most importantly, cats sell.  I always sell my cat art.  So I figured, What the heck!  Let's cat it out.

(Above) I had recently taken a photo of my little Java kitty, back lit, with the sun highlighting her whiskers.   Since Magoo had just drawn that lovely black and white charcoal picture of the skull, I took a page from his book and did a charcoal Java.

And I like it.  I do.  But it didn't seem very me.  (Maybe because I haven't done a charcoal drawing in years.)  And I heard that little voice in my core say,

Little Voice:  This isn't it.
Me:    Cram it, Little Voice.  It's fine.
Little Voice:  Eh.
Me:  It's only Illustration Friday.  It doesn't have to be perfect.
Little Voice:  I guess.  If you want to be that way ...

Then I started to image how I would do whiskers in collage, so I went ahead and did this:

Whiskers                     2012                    j.c.phillipps

This feels more like a J. C. Phillipps collage to me.  I like the charcoal drawing too, mind you, I do.  And I think it will look great in a white mat and black frame.  But I love the white whiskers in the collage above.  They pop a little more and I also really like the texture of the papers.  I guess I'm satisfied with this because it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. 

So my Little Voice is happy now and I can move on.


musing manatee said...

That's a really interesting glimpse into process. The collage definitely pops!

Angela said...

I think it is awesome. Love them both, but I really feeling the collage with it's "on and poppin' whiskers"!