Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monkey Ono and an Awesome Skull

About two months ago I bought some fabric to make a Monkey Ono doll.  I used to be into sewing BIG TIME but lately not so much.  So it sat and sat.  Then, Sunday, I said "Today is the day!  Today I make a Monkey Ono doll." 

It's not perfect.  I had to fiddle with my homemade pattern a bit.  But all in all I think it looks like my little monkey.  And because my cat Java is also a character in the book, I had to pose them together.  So there they all are: Monkey Ono, Java, and the book which features them both.  (Due out March 2013.  Pre-order on Amazon.)

Moving on...

Magoo brought this home last week.  They were studying the skulls of Georgia O'Keefe in art class.  This is a charcoal and white chalk drawing Magoo did from a skull in the classroom.  I was blow away.  I think it's GORGEOUS!  I love the slight distortion and the strong contrasting black and white.

And I loved it so much I broke 2 panes of glass before I could get it successfully framed.  (D'oh!)
Yeah, that's right, my clunky Hulk hands shattered not one, but two panes of glass.  Clearly I'm not used to working with such large pieces of glass (it's a big piece.)  But I had two frames lying around in the basement so, technically, I only had to buy the third frame and - bonus - I cleaned out the basement a bit.

I love it.  It's definitely worth three frames.

I have it hanging in my studio right across from my drafting table so I can look at it all the time and beam proud Mama vibes at it.

In other news:
It's snowing.
The Honda is in the shop.
I'm making chili.

Have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Love the skull and can't wait for the new book!

Angela said...

Oh it is incredible!