Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Holiday Crafting Has Begun!

The other day, Magoo and I pulled out the polymer clay and started crafting.  I have a goal to make 5 Monkey Ono magnets to send to certain folk.  As it turns out - these are a little challenging to make.  For one thing, they are small.  They are magnets - so, yanno - small is good.  But the real challenge is cutting the curves about the blue face.  Not easy to do!!!  But I'm happy with my two little monkeys so hopefully, gradually, I'll get a few more out.

Magoo made a fantastic little clarinet out of one of my gummy erasers, so I requested a clarinet ornament for the tree.  I like to add at least one ornament per year and a Magoo-made clarinet is WAY better than anything I could buy in the store.

I asked him to make a second one for the lovely young lady that gives him lessons.  I think she'll really like it.

Welp, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  There's much to do.  I have to find an outfit that is flattering and will allow for an expansion in my waistline, make a honey cake and carrot muffins, and make my pack-up list.

Java is ready for left-over turkey.  Keep dreaming, cat!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Angela said...

Those are super awesome! Love it!