Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Crafting: Peanut Snowmen Ornaments

I saw a very cute photo on Pinterest of little peanut snowmen and knew I had to make a few myself.  THEY WERE SO CUTE! 

Mine are a little different from the originals, but they are really easy to make.  Here's a short step-by-step.

I knew I'd want to hang the peanuts to dry, so I made putting the hooks in STEP ONE.  I drilled small holes in the top of the nuts, added a drop of hot glue, then twisted the hook eye in.  If you're worried about the look of the hot glue and have some tiny pom-poms around, you could always add those.  That'd be super cute.

STEP TWO:  Then I strung them with colorful embroidery thread and painted the bottom 2/3's white (I used acrylic gesso) and hung them to dry.  (A branch in a pitcher makes a great drying rack.)

STEP THREE:  When they were dry, Magoo and I added faces (using dots.  You can try to use lines, but it's a textured surface so the lines won't be smooth.  FYI.)

STEP FOUR:  I was concerned about people with peanut allergies, so I coated the whole peanut in clear nail polish.

STEP FIVE:  When that was dry, we cut tiny scarfs out of felt and tied them around.  Then I added a wee bit more hot glue to tack the scarves in place.

All done and super cute!

We saved a couple for our tree, but the rest I will give out with Christmas treats to the neighbors and with teacher gifts.

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