Monday, December 31, 2012

Magoo Turns Ten

It's been hoppin' around here.

One might think, Hey, it's Christmas time.  Kick back and relax.

But the days after Christmas are usually spent cleaning and preparing for Magoo's birthday on December 30th.  And this year was a big one.  This year Magoo turned the big ONE - OH!  10!

It snowed!  Yay!  Snow!

We like a good snow, because we love to SLED!  So it was a wonderful birthday treat to hit the hill.  Now, what you may not know is that although there are only 3 people living in this house (and one cat) I believe we have eight sleds.  Why eight?  Well, different types of sleds perform better on different types of snow.  Let's say it's a thin, icy snow.  Well, the runner sled is going to fly.  What if it's a fluffy snow?  Purple Nurple will do the job.  What if you want to do a lot of jumps but don't want to hurt your butt?  The inflatable tube is the ticket!

And whenever we all go, it's always good to take the toboggan.

(Althought you can ride it solo too.)

Magoo had requested a sleepover party.  So we started off with pizza dinner.  And then presents.
Yanno, no matter how good a gift is, a Hoops and YoYo card just makes it that much better.  Magoo LOVES Hoops and YoYo.

Magoo requested my famous honey cake, and that's what he got.  Honey Cake with ten candles.

Then it was slumber party time.  The boys had the disco ball going and listened to music and told flashlight stories, but I have to admit, they went to sleep at a decent hour.  I was mentally prepared to have to go in and sush them several times, but nooooooo, not once.  Lucky me.

I think Magoo had a wonderful day and THANK YOU to all the family and friends that helped him celebrate with phone calls, cards, gift cards (OH the gift cards - he's rich, I tell ya) and warm wishes.

He's a pretty awesome guy, that Magoo.  It's been an absolute joy to spend my days helping him grow.  I look forward to another eight years before I kick him out.  ;)

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