Monday, December 3, 2012

Ninja Party!

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting the Simsbury Library for a ninja party!!!  And by "party" I mean I read the book, talked about making it, and we did a craft.  So it was really an author visit with a peppy spin.  But I think calling it a "party" is brilliant marketing b/c I had a lovely group of kiddos to talk to and play with.

And I had a very lovely room to be in with two full sized murals.  What a great background for photographs!  (Photographs by Cheryl Donahue, Librarian/photographer extraordinaire!)

This was a slightly younger group (well, not all of them, but I had some 4 year-olds in the batch.)  I had read Wink and I was in the middle of my short-version power point presentation when this boy in the front row raised his hand.

Me:  Yes, Ian.
Ian:  When is this part going to be over?  I'm so thirrrrrrsty.
Me:  Do you need a water break?
Ian:  Yes!
5 other kids:  Me too!
Me:  OK.  There's a drinking fountain right outside, go ahead and get a drink.
(Insert stampede.)
Ian (as he's running out)  But I don't want to miss making ninjas!

And he didn't.

I really love making ninja collages with kids because the shapes can be altered so easily.  If you get older kids with good cutting skills, they can cut individual fingers.  Young kids can make "hot dog" arms and legs. 

They all made lovely ninjas.  And since it's getting cool outside, we added some hats and mittens.

Thanks so much Simsbury Library!  I had a FABULOUS time.  Yahoo!

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