Monday, January 7, 2013

Building a Presentation

I already have a few author visits booked for Monkey Ono in the Spring, so it's time to build another presentation.

When Wink, the Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed came out, it was easy enough.  I just told the story of how I made the book from idea-to-publication.  Also, because it was my first book, I had a ton of rough drafts and unused art lying around to illustrate the progression of story and art.

Since I do repeat visits to many schools, I don't want repeat presentations.  For Wink the Ninja Who Wanted to Nap, my presentation centered on what it was like to work as an author/illustrator,  a "Day in my Life" kind of thing.

For Monkey Ono, I'm working on a presentation about building stories.  That's my main project this fine Monday.

Monkey Ono is a book for a younger set, so, in order to make a presentation appealing to all elementary school kids, I have to make the presentation bigger than the story.  By the time the kids are getting into 3rd grade, they do a lot of writing.  So I'm making writing the focus.  I'm going to break down my process of simple plotting:

        Character wants something.
        Character runs into obstacles.
        Character makes choices to conquer obstacles.
        Character achieves goal.

I'm going to show how this process works in a couple classic stories.  And I'll even show it in an early story of Magoo's, NO GAS, so they can see how a student can use it.

Then I'll read Monkey Ono and they can take what they've just learned to define what Monkey Ono's goals and obstacles are.

Then it's quiz time, because THE KEY to author visits, I think, is including the students as much as possible.  If you just talk at them, they'll zone out.  You have to entertain and include.  That's why I always bring fireworks. 

KIDDING!  No fireworks! 
Well, at least not this time.  ;)

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Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, pleasure to meet you!
My name is Lucia I live in Guarulhos city, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am a librarian.
I got to your blog because one of my projects this year is learning Sumi-e, then in a searching in Google image I saw a very beautiful plum blossom branch with a lovely bird and so I am here.
I loved your blog, it so simple, warmful and beautiful. It conforts me seeing women that are artist, wife, mom, all together leading a not star system life.
Here in Brazil, some writers got too high nose if they got some success, it is very sad.
Thanks for sharing your life. As I see it, it is a very beautiful one.