Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun Time with Hipstamatic

Sorry I haven't been blogging much.  I've been busy doing things that aren't particularly blog-worthy.  Like, sure, I could tell you about shopping for paper at Michaels or that guys came to work on the basement on Friday - but that's all rather boring for a blog post IMO. 

Thursday - however - I did do something kinda fun.  I treated myself to an iPod!  I'd been a good little saving monkey and had a bit of cashola.  Santa got us a Kindle for Christmas, but the downside is you have to have an internet connection to watch shows on it, so if we're in the car - no streaming Netflix.  I wanted to have a device that had shows stored in it.  Then I thought iPod!

But here's the thing: it has a camera!

Some of you are probably saying 'Duh!' but I'm so late on the technology train that I didn't realize this.  In fact, it's basically a small computer.  I can send an email, check things online, watch my shows, listen to my music, and TAKE PICTURES!  And now I can FINALLY take fun pics with the Hipstamatic app!

Here are a few:

Java and Me                   2013

Swanky Julie                    2013

Funtime Christensens               2013
Boy Pyramid                 2013
It's a fu little app and I can change the lenses and film with a swipe of my finger.  The only downside is that it's rather cumbersome to get the photos from my iPod to iPhoto.  It doesn't seem like it should be and I don't know why it is, but I researched online for quite awhile before I read some other mom's post and she emails them to herself and them opens them up on the computer.  (This is also boring but perhaps informative.  So if anyone else in the world is having problems with getting Hipstamatic photos from the iPod to iPhoto on a Mac, here's what I do: 1. Find the pic you like on your iPod and email it to yourself.  2.  Go to your computer and open that email.  Save the image to your desktop.  3.  Open iPhoto.  Drag the image from the desktop into iPhoto.)  It's FAR too many steps and I can only do one photo at a time, but at least it works.

In other news:

The snow has melted.  It is raining.  And Magoo's new sled should arrive today.  Hopefully we'll get more snow soon.

Anyone watching Downton Abbey?  Poor Lady Edith.  But honestly I saw it coming.

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