Thursday, February 14, 2013

Black Currant Cloud

The other day, my mother commented that I hadn't posted any of my knitting projects in awhile.  That's because I've been sloooooooooowly working on a sweater.  If I'm to be honest, I'm very bored with it.  I don't want to frog it yet, but it isn't inspiring me.

So I took a break and made a cowl.

My friend Heather and I went to the yarn store and found this GORGEOUS mohair/silk blend yarn that is so soft and fuzzy and wonderful.  We each bought a couple balls and made these cowls.

The knitting of it is very simple - very chat and TV friendly knitting.  It takes a little while to knit up because the yarn is very thin.  But it creates this light, yet cozy, textile that feels like a little lamb draped around your neck.  PERFECT for looking good in the wintertime!

Here's a close up of the textile.

See, it's very airy.  The color is a bit off.  It's really a deep eggplant purple.

My notes are here on Ravelry.

Now I'm working on some fingerless mitts.  Will I ever go back to my sweater?  Dunno.


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Anonymous said...

Just absolutely love your clipart= I tried to see if I could purchase it and went to your Etsy store but couldn't find any clipart for sale. Am I missing something????? Please post some for sale= I just have to have it for scrapbooking- it is absolutely too cute!!!!!!