Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stop Motion Animation & Book Trailers

I really enjoy stop-motion animation.  It's awesome to watch.  It's fun to make.  And because my illustrations are usually cut paper collage, it's a good medium for making book trailers.

So when I made a trailer for my new picture book Monkey Ono (available March 7th), I decided to film a Making Of... short movie.

Here it is.  (It's 6 minutes long.)

I was lucky enough to take a 3-day summer course in making stop-motion animation through my local library last summer.  That's when I, and another student Jon Bristol, made a little stop-motion film called Five Stages of Grief (for a Zombie.)

You can check that out here.  (You'll notice a fondness for Benny Goodman music.)

But I also want to spread the stop-motion love out to a few videos that I think are fabulous.

Here's a fantastic stop-motion video.  Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie.  Beautiful song, too.

This one is called Western Spaghetti, by an artist named PES.  You'll want to call the kids in for this one - it's pretty fantastic.

And you want to send the kids away for this one (trust me) - but it's pretty fantastic as well.

The key to stop-motion is patience.  The more time you take with it, the better it looks.  But it's a great way to make little videos because you can do it, you're kids can do it, you can use all kinds of things.  It's a very imaginative and creative medium.

I've done stop motion using photos and film camera, but the best, easiest way is to have a program.  I use SAM Animation.  It's designed, I think, mainly for teachers to use in classrooms, so it's not a big fancy super-expensive program.  And then you're going to need some kind of camera.  And that's pretty much it.

If you're interested in making your own stop-motion animated films, check out this book and have fun.


Angela said...

Oh Julie, you do so many fabulous things so fabulously! Awesome woman!
Can't wait for Eden to get her copy.

Julie_c said...

Thanks Angela! I hope Eden likes it!