Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's going on...

1.  I've been working on a new picture book project and that has been going quite well.  I'm about half way finished with the illustrations, so I felt I could relax a bit and focus my attention on some finishing touches on...

2. A new PB proposal that my agent, Scott Treimel, and I are getting ready to sub.  Normally, I do collage, but I wondered if I should try something different.  Once upon a time, when an illustrator got published, they'd want to stick with a certain style.  I mean, you can picture what an Eric Carle book will look like because that dude nailed his brand.  But nowadays it seems like that doesn't really hold.  Lane Smith does all kinds of things.  And looking at the recent Caldecott winner, THIS IS NOT MY HAT, I just started getting inspired to branch out.

So I started playing around with watercolor yesterday.  I'm not saying it's going to go that way - but it's good to try new things.  It might help me shake up what I already have going or give me ideas for future projects.  We'll see.

3. Gotta hit the store today.  Mother Nature has us scheduled for a gullywumper tomorrow afternoon so I want to buy my soup and crackers today.  And rock salt.  And batteries would be good as well.
And valentine pencils - but that's for another project.

4.  Someone hacked into my Twitter account yesterday and tweeted something about doing surveys for money.  Argh!  I was so mad.   It feels really, really gross when someone makes you their corporate sock puppet.  But really, jokes on them, because I only have 14 followers and no one saw it.
Still, I had to spend some time changing passwords and other crud.  Then I stayed off Twitter all day yesterday - as if to punish them.  Ha!

But seriously, I am logging off more.  Signing out.  That closing that stuff up tight!  Hopefull that will be enough.



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