Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chicago: Monkeys & Leprechauns

Last Thursday I flew out to Chicago (view from airplane, above) with two goals:
1. Visit my dear friend, Staci.
2. Do an author visit at the Catherine Cook School.

(I'll show pics from my visit with Staci next post for those of you who may want to see exciting photos of me hanging out with my my friend and her family.  It'll all be very TMZ!)

Friday morning, the plan was to drop Staci's kids off at school, then grab a coffee, then do my first presentation at 9:30.  But, as we were heading into school, there was a fatal car accident on Lakeshore Drive - which is one of the main roads into Chicago.   It put the lock in gridlock.  We took the back roads in, but so did nearly everyone else.  So what is usually a 15 minute drive into school, took over an hour. 

But we made it in time!

This was my first official Monkey Ono presentation and the second graders did a great job with it!

Thanks so much to the Catherine Cook School for having me in and the wonderful pre-schoolers and 2nd graders that welcomed me and asked me wonderful questions!!!

Since I was busy packing for my presentation, I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day weekend.  And something else I didn't know: Chicago is mobbed for St. Patrick's Day.

While we were driving around Saturday (which is the day they had the parade) every single pub had a crowd of 20-40 people waiting outside and many of said people were dressed like this:

There was a crazy amount of good Irish will (or happy beer goggles) out in the streets.  And there was even this guy:

It was a very fun trip; a little business & a little pleasure. And a few nutty Leprechauns too!


CK Stock said...

Awesome, Julie! Keep the school visits going!

Biblioteca Orobó Mikail said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for posting!
It was sad because of the fatal incident (it is the same here in Guarulhos) but the 2nd part of your post was very cheerful (the picture you post of your 1rst presentation of Monkey Ono was very cute).
Thanks for inspiration!!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Ops, Library Orobó Mikail read it Lucia Sasaki

Angela said...

Very cool Julie! You can just say you are the complement of St. Pat's day since you were dressed in red.