Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chicago Trip: The Personal Side

Be forewarned.  This post is about hanging out with my friend Staci in Chicago.  It is a good post for my mother or college friends or anyone who wants to see what I do in my free time.  It is not a good professional post and has nothing to do with any creative endeavors.

So yeah.  I went to Chicago to visit one of my besties, Staci, and her family.

Here's Staci:

But let's start with food talk, shall we?

I will admit, I'm a little self-conscious about posting food pics.  There seems to be a big food-pic backlash these days, and I can understand why.  A lot of people take pictures of their food.  Maybe they want  to tantalize someone from afar?  I dunno.  I take food shots when I want to blog about the food or share a recipe or show off some beautiful food.

Here's some beautiful food:

Come on - this is gorgeous, right?  This is culinary art.  And OH SO GOOD.  We had sushi at Union Sushi and Barbeque Bar in Chicago on Friday between my presentations at the school.  YUM
and adventurous.

This is Kangaroo.

Now I know this might be upsetting to some folks and honestly, I'm not an adventurous eater.  But when I saw kangaroo on the menu I thought, I would totally try that.  It jumped out at me, so to speak.  And you know what.  YUM again!

That said, it was very similar to beef, so I don't know that I'll be chowing down on too many 'roos when I can just eat a moo.  (Note: Clearly I'm not a vegetarian.)  They also had alligator, which I was curious about, but I thought one new animal at a time.  Pace yourself, Julie.  Pace yourself.

After we got home from school, it was lady pedicure time. 

Miss A and me getting pedicures.

 I don't really understand people who don't like pedicures.  Maybe they have a hang up about people touching their feet.  Maybe they're super ticklish.  Maybe they got a nasty toe infection once and are completely turned off.  Who knows!  I LOVE them! 

I only get two or three a year, but man o man, they are sooo nice.  You sit in a massage chair, your feet soak in a hot tub, and someone makes your toes look pretty while you catch up on fashion and jumk TV with girlie magazines!  It's awesome!

(It's a bit of a bummer that it's still so cold outside.  I can't show off my pretty, pretty toes!)

(This shot has nothing to do with the post, but I thought it turned out good.)

On Saturday night, we went to see Second City.  I love comedy improv.  So funny when it's done well.  We had been at a French restaurant b/f the show and we not prompt getting there, so the seats were not the best, but it was still very, very funny.  (Even when viewed behind a woman with large, bushy blonde hair.)

I had seen a show yeeeeears ago which I'm pretty sure Steve Carrell was in it.  This time I kept the Playbill to see if anyone shows up on Saturday Night Live next season.  That Second City is pretty good about casting funny folk.  (Sorry, no Second City photos and describing comedy improv is just kind of sad. So I'll stop here.)

There was also some shopping, a movie, and hanging out.  Staci has two lovely children and is an amazing cook, so we had a good time just holing up in the dining room.

Thanks so much to Staci for having me out and not letting me lift a finger.  I was pampered!
Now it's back to the grindstone: cranking out books, hanging with my boys, and thinking about cleaning my house.  It's a pretty good grindstone.  ;)

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