Thursday, March 14, 2013

In the Works

It's seems to be feast or famine with me and the blog posts - huh?

Sometimes there's a lot going on, but none of it seems particularly blog-worthy.

Here's a bit of it:

I've finished the illos for the new book.  I'm now in the note stages:  move this tree over an inch, change this wallpaper, this squirrel looks like a cat - that kind of thing.  When that's done, I'll move onto the glue stage.  I'll hope for nice weather b/c I like to do that on the sun porch so I can open the screen door.  Spray glue = toxic.

I've been developing a picture book project which an editor likes, but thinks it's more of an early reader story.  And wants three stories in one book, ala Bink & Gollie.  So I have to rework that a bit.
Early reader is a new place for me.  I think of myself as an illustrator who writes, so extra words can be tricky.  But Bink & Gollie has great visuals, so it's a good example for me to follow.  Or rather, learn from.

Now that I have finished the mass of the collage illos for project #1, I could afford some time to clean the studio.  It was in DESPERATE need of it.

And finally, I've preparing for the accountant for next week.  Taxes!  Sometimes I am boggled by the amount of receipts and paperwork one is supposed to make sense of.  There's just too much of it!  I won't go into all the rig-a-ma-role of being a self-employed artist and the headache it causes, but I will say I have a kick-butt accountant who helps me with all of it.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, how good you posted!
I saw your Monkey Ono videos at YouTube last weed and I liked them very much. They are funny. I liked Happy Book Day because you allowed your kids to take parts in it. I guess how they see you as a mom and an artist, they must be very proud of you.
Also I hope that Monkey Ono have been very well accepted for your readers.
Well, about the bureaucracy... take courage, all will be well!!
Thanks for posting!!

Julie_c said...

Thanks so much, Lucia. You are always very kind. I do want to note that I have one son, and it's him and his two very good buddies that helped me with the video.