Friday, March 29, 2013

Shiny New Webpage


The new webpage is finally up!  It actually would have been up about a month ago but Mike's computer died, so he had to custom order a new one and we had to wait for it.

Then, because we used a WordPress template, after Mike set it up, I added most of the content myself.  That was also time consuming, but it means I know how to do it now and can update my pages independently.  Not bugging my husband = happy marriage.

The old page was pretty cool, but it was static.  I couldn't easily update anything.

Now if I do some cool illustration work I can put it on the ART PAGE.

Or I can add videos to the VIDEO page or mazes and coloring sheets to the EXTRAS page.

SOOOOOO much more fun - and responsive!  So it should look good on a computer, tablet, or Smartphone. 

Go check it out at

I hope you like it!

And I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday weekend.

1 comment:

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie!
Thanks for your recent posts!
Indeed your new website is very better than your older one.
Success with it!!