Friday, March 1, 2013

Today I Design a Living Room...

...not my own and not a real one. 

I'm almost done with the illustrations for my next book, (which I won't announce the title just yet) and I have to do a living room scene.

Most of the book takes place outside, so I've waited to do this living room until the end of the process so I could see what colors I use throughout the rest of the book and I could balance them.  Because if there is a lot of green and blue in the book (and there is a lot of green and blue in the book) it'd be nice to give the viewer a little something different to gaze upon. 

At the same time, the living room colors have to work with the colors in the rest of the book.

Once I settle on the color scheme I have to make texture decisions.  Wallpaper or flat color?  Then, if I do go with with a patterned wallpaper, I have to choose something that fits the personality of the book but is also not-so-busy so you can't read text on top of it.

What I end up doing is making all the pieces that I already know: like the characters in the book.  They already have certain colors that I have to stick with.  So I make all of them.  Then I just play and trade out backgrounds.  Wall after wall.  Floor after floor.  Until I'm happy.

This can be a timely and somewhat frustrating process, but I usually know when I have it right.

So that's what I'm doing today. 

What are you doing?

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