Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where's the Clip Art?

You may be asking,  Hey Julie, what ever happened to your budding clip art business?  Did you drop it like your digital photography lessons?

Whereas I did completely fall off the map on my digital photography self-improvement (thank you, Hipstamatic for making things look cool!) I have, in fact, kept up with the clip art.

The only thing that changed was instead of selling it on Etsy, I only sell it on Teachers Pay Teachers, now.

And I shouldn't even say "sell" because I offer quite a lot of the smaller sets for free.

Here's what happened.  I put some collections up on Etsy and I put some collections up on Teachers Pay Teachers and I had a little race.  Etsy was off to a quick lead, but then it stalled out.  I sold nada in December & January.  TPT took a little while, but now I sell pretty steadily - which is not to say a lot.

If there is big money in clip art, I have missed the boat on that.

But that's OK.  A couple months ago I changed my mindset.  It occured to me that teachers are an awesome market for my picture books.  Teachers love books and K-2 teachers love picture books!
So I made some free Monkey Ono worksheets and activities to go along with the book. 

But before people would ever see those, I had to develop a steady following of fans on TPT.  And you know how you do that?  FREEBIES!  (Well, quality work and freebies!)

So now my routine is basically, make a set to sell, then make a set to give away, sell, give, sell, give.  I currently have nine sets of free clip art in my store.  And you know what, I'm so much happier this way.

I LOVE giving this stuff away!  And I love giving it to teachers who are so appreciative!

So if you're an educator, get a free Teachers Pay Teachers account and go on over and check it out.  I'm known as NinjaWoman and my store is here.


Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie thanks for posting!
I understand about selling and giving, yesterday (March, 20th) were International Storyteller's Day (I didn't know this until this week) and the Central Library held a meeting with storytellers of Guarulhos city for thanking them for volunteering services they did in the past. I dare to think that is also to get their good graces in the future, he he!!)It was a marvelous meeting and one of the storytellers told me more or less the same: that she wanted to get professional and be paid for her services, but she liked more, felt worthier when she went to libraries for free.
By the way your cliparts are very beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie!
I went to your store at Teachers Pay Teachers and I liked your cliparts very much, specially the birds and the branch.
I liked the citation you put in the front of your page, it is very cute. wouldn't Dr. Seuss? I ask because this week I took one of his books to catalog. Please check, ok?
Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work.


Julie_c said...

Lucia -
Here is the Dr. Suess quote.

"If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good."

I can't remember which book it is, maybe One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - but I wouldn't swear to it.

Angela said...

Those are soooo awesome. I love the multicultural kids and those ninja bunnies!