Saturday, April 13, 2013

Author Visit: O'Brien School

I had a wonderful author visit at the O'Brien Elementary School. This was my first full Monkey Ono visit, with a large group power point presentation and art projects. It went really well.

The presentation was about picture book story structure. Monkey Ono is a good read for younger kids, so I wanted to make sure the presentation had something of value for the older kids as well. I talk about character, goals, and obstacles in stories. And I also ask lots of questions like What's Cinderella's goal? What are the obstacles in The Lorax? I try keep the kids engaged. Then when I finally get to Monkey Ono, they can either sit back and listen, or they can be analyze the story structure as I read. (I even use one of Magoo's stories, No Gas, to show how a first grader can write using story structure.)

I took the kids through the Monkey Ono collage project and they did a fabulous job. I decided to have the kids draw Monkey Ono's hair instead of cut it out of paper – and that turned out to be super fun. Look at all the hair-do's!

I also had a Kindergarten group that didn't see the big presentation, so I read to them first, then I taught them how to draw Monkey Ono. So cute!

Big Thanks to the fabulous art teacher, Brandyn Barstis, who wrote a grant to have me and other artists into her school. And thanks to the wonderful students at O'Brien Elementary for sharing your art and enthusiasm with me!


Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, thanks for sharing your lovely experience at the school. You are right, the hair made by these kids were very funny and I think they amused themselves much more than if they cut paper.
And the children proved that they know how to draw Ono!
Thanks for sharing, it is always marvelous seeing your interaction with children.

Julie_c said...

Hi Lucia -
Yes - the kids had all kinds of fun with the hair. I will definitely continue to teach the workshop that way. Thanks so much for your comment!