Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monkeys at Central School

Yesterday I had a lovely visit with the first graders of Central School in Simsbury. And it was a special visit for me, because it was the very first time I did Monkey Ono collages with kids.

I can't even tell you how many ninja projects I have done over the last four years – hundreds – I have got that down. But Monkey Ono is a little trickier than Wink because Monkey Ono has more components. And more placement. Some pieces have to be glued on top. Some pieces have to be glued on bottom. I had no doubt a fifth grader can handle it – but first graders? Well, I was a little nervous.

But they did GREAT!

Take a look.

The one with the orange background did Monkey Ono holding a picture on Monkey Ono holding a picture of Monkey Ono ....

 And look at the cute karate monkeys on the green one!

 And the eye - with it's shading and the highlight in the iris.  This is a first graders!  I wouldn't be surprised if that kid is in some Saturday morning art class somewhere.  

Thanks so much to Central School for giving me a warm welcome and sharing your enthusiasm for my new book!  I had a great time!


Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, thanks for this beautiful posting!
All these children work made me smile, it is always amazing what they cand do when we give them opportunity.
You made me smile today, thanks again!!

Julie_c said...

Thanks Lucia - I love to give smiles! Your kind comments always give the smiles right back to me!