Friday, May 24, 2013

Awesome Author Visit at Duffy School

I had a wonderful author visit at the Louise Duffy School yesterday.
 I've been going yearly for a little while now to read Wink to the second graders who are studying Japan.  And it's one of my favorite gigs. 
One, the media specialist, Jill Dailey is top-notch awesome.
Two, the space itself is very, very cool.  It big, clean, open, and has some spectacular sculptures in it.
Three, the students are really great.  Respectful, interested, engaged.

Although my presentation dealt mostly with Japan and Wink, Mrs. Dailey had read Monkey Ono to the second graders.  So when it was time to make the sleeping ninja collages, a few students worked Monkey Ono into the art.


Thanks Duffy School!  It's always a pleasure!

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