Thursday, May 16, 2013

Magoo's First Concert

Magoo performed in his first school concert on Monday evening.  If asked, I think the highlight for him might have been goofing around in the band room backstage (when his mother wasn't in there taking pictures, of course.)

But seriously, how could I not take pictures?!  He's wearing a bow tie!

Here's one of the songs he performed in the mixed 4th and 5th grade band.  (I apologize for the shaky camera work.  He was in the back of the stage and I had to angle my arms uncomfortably to get him in the shot.)  I think they sound quite good!

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Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, thanks for sharing Magoo's first concert, he was very handsome in your pictures.
I imagine how you became proud of your little son.
Congratulation for both of you!!