Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taking the Book to Boston

I'm so sorry I've been away for a whole week.  I had a visit from my mother followed by a trip to Boston and yesterday I had a big pile of catch-up work to dive into.  Busy, busy.  But I'm back, baby!

My fourth book, The Simples Love a Picnic, was packed up and delivered to my new publisher, Houghton Mifflin in Boston.

I love Boston.  I lived there between the ages of 23 - 30.  I went to grad school there.  I was Eliza Doolittle in a play there.  I was married there.  Out of all the major American cities I have been to, it's my favorite by far.  So, despite the fact that it was a very quick trip, it was a lovely one.

My new editor, Margaret, took me out to lunch at 29 Newbury at we both had lobster salad.  Mmmmmmm.

And I spent some time walking around the Public Garden.  It was a gorgeous day - perfection.  The the garden was filled with happy people.

There were signs of the marathon tragedy here and there, and by "signs" I mean signs of support.  I know that Copley Square has a big memorial going on, but I didn't really see more than a glimpse of it as I drove by trying to find the on-ramp to the Mass Pike.  One must watch the road when driving in the Boston, you know.  But the city as a whole felt, appreciative and happy.  Of course, when the sun is shining and Spring is blooming all over, it's hard not to appreciate the beauty around you.

Magoo was bummed that he couldn't go with me, but I promised him anther trip soon.  And maybe we'll take a spin on the swan boats!

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Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, thanks for sharing this marvelous moments with us.
Boston is indeed a very beautiful city. Many bloggers documented their reaction to that horrible explosion, how good people is overcoming all that terror.
I hope your 4th book can be a success in this new publisher house.