Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yarn Along: Chocolate Shrug

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along.

Hey!  I haven't posted my knitting in FOREVER!  That's because I've been a leisurely knitter of late.  I started a sweater and frogged it.  Then I started this shrug and took my pleasant sweet time with it.  Yanno how sometimes you just don't feel like knitting?  I had a couple months of that.

But I did finish - hoorah!  Here's my chocolate shrug.  (Details here on Ravelry.)

I've been reading Monkey Ono a lot lately because I've been taking it around on school visits.

(If you're joining me from Yarn Along I should probably note that I wrote and illustrated Monkey Ono.  It's a picture book published by Penguin Children's Group.)

I have a very high-pitched fun Monkey Ono voice that I use when I read it.  I will confess that I feel a little ridiculous doing it for a large group, but I sell it and the kids seem to enjoy it.  (Or at least they are too polite to laugh at me publicly.)

I have the yarn, needles, and pattern all set for another sweater.  At the rate I've been going I'll have it ready next winter!  :)

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