Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp Crafts

Summer Camp at the West Hartford Art League starts July 1st.  Since this is my second year, I am repeating some of the popular projects we did last year.  But some projects weren't as successful as I had hoped, so I had a lot of fun yesterday whipping up some new craft projects.

This is a painting for African Adventure week.

Coming up with crafts can be a wee bit tricky.  They have to be easy enough for a 4-yr-old to do in an hour, yet nice enough to justify sending the kids to the West Hartford Art League.  No wimpy crafts!

One of the things I learned last year was that the kids are great at watercolor!  That said, I can't do all watercolor all the time.

Here are a few projects for Asian Exploration week:

I could take credit for all the lovelies above, but I have to confess: I did not create these projects.  I mean, I DID PHYSICALLY MAKE these examples here, but I pulled all the ideas off of Pinterest.  Thanks lovely artists on Pinterest!

I have one more example to make today, watercolor monkeys, otherwise I have my project lists and my master supply list and I'm pretty much ready to shop 'til I drop!

Happy Thursday!

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