Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shifting into Summer

Yesterday was the last day of school. And it was hot!  So, to celebrate, the boys busted out the hose and played water games on the front walkway.

So now it begins: summer. 

As a mother, I need to find the right balance for Magoo of free time and structured activities.

Too much free time = boredom
Boredom = too much TV/computer time

 I want him to work on keyboarding this summer.  He'll be needing it more and more in his life from fifth grade on.  I want him to write a story, like always.  But I want there to be more editing and revision involved, which will probably involve frustration on his part.  No child likes to revise the work they never wanted to do int he first place.  And worse yet - your mother telling you what to do. 

Still, writing is a skill he will need in school and I think we both love looking at the result when they are through.  For my part, I can allow him to write about anything he wants.  Killer chipmunks?  Go for it! 

We also discovered a new app called DIY which is an activity site for kids.  Lets say a kid wants to earn a badge in Duct Tape Construction, there's a bunch of activities he can try.  There's science, dance, art,  music and bunch of other things.  When a child completes a project, you upload it to the site, and they get a "badge."  Rewards are the best!  I'm hoping when he's puttering around, he can go on the site and find something to do.  And if it costs be $30 in duct tape or whatever, so be it.

But back to me...

As an author/illustrator, I will struggle to find my own time to work without the constant call for "Mom."  I used to exercise first thing in the morning, but I may need to shift that to wake at 6am and work on my books before the house starts stirring.  Exercise can wait, because the best part about summer, for me, is the pool.  Instead of pilates or the treadmill, I can swim laps.   It's low-impact, a great workout, and cooling.  And when I'm done I can kick back on a lawn chair and read a magazine.  That's the best workout/reward package ever!

I'm sure it will take a few weeks before we're really into our new groove, but we'll find it.  And if not, summer is only 2 months around here.  First day of school is August 28th!

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