Friday, July 19, 2013

Art Camp: African Exploration

Here are some scenes from my final week at summer camp.  We read a lot of African folk tales and did art projects that had some kind of tie to African culture.

(Above) This first project is always a favorite: dip-dyed paper squares that resemble a tie-dye look.  It's very simple and hard to mess up.  The kids love watching the colors mix and unfolding the paper to discovers a lovely design.

(Below)  Watercolor birds.  Last year I found this pretty painting with an African folk painting bird on it that I had the kids recreate.  It went so well I did the project again this year.

Yesterday's project had more to do with traditional African colors and patterns.

These past few weeks of camp have been a delight.  It's fun for me to interact with younger kids, and it's good for Magoo to have some job responsibilities.  We had a little structure in our days, and now we'll shift into something looser for a couple weeks until Magoo's pottery camp starts.

Since the heat wave is almost over, I won't have to get up at 5:30 to open all the windows and cook, either.  That'll be nice.

Stay cool!
Have a great weekend!

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